Commercial Fishing for Credit


Are you a commercial fishing crew member? Or looking to become a crew member this summer? Register for this program to receive .5 high school Vocational/Cultural/Fine Arts credit! This program includes set net, drift, and seine operations. You are required to complete a minimum of 14 days at the set net site or on drifter/seiner. 

Below is the Captain’s Checklist which includes 15 valuable skills or knowledge. Print the Checklist attached to this registration and bring it fishing. Your Capt. must determine you are “proficient” on 10 of the 15 skills/knowledge to receive credit. Make sure they complete filling out the entire form at the end of your season.

This form is due back by Oct 1st 2023 to receive credit. 
If you do not turn it in, you will not be penalized nor will any sort of failing grade appear on your high school transcript.

Send Capt.’s Checklist to Misa Webber at or text a picture to 907-843-2918.
Have a safe and bountiful season! 

Download Captain’s Checklist

Student Info

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Captain / Site Permit Holder


Meet Your Teacher


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Duration of Commercial Fishing Season


Commercial Fishing Grounds

College Credits

.5 credits



More Information

Age Requirement: None
Prerequisites: None

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