Aviation Intensive


The aviation intensive is geared towards obtaining certifications for private pilot ground school students as well as drone students. During this intensive students will travel to Palmer where they will study alongside a certified flight instructor. 

Private Pilot ground students will obtain their student pilots license, 3rd class medical certificate & will have an opportunity to take their FAA knowledge written exam. This exam is the only written exam required for their Private Pilot Certification. 

Drone students will travel in towards the end of the week and take their Part 107- commercial drone license exam. Upon successful completion of this licensure, students will have the certification to obtain paid positions such as: taking aerial images and videography, surveying and mapping, aerial inspections, cinematography, wildlife research, conservation, and much more! 

At the end of this intensive week, students will be invited to participate in the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering held in Palmer once a year. Over 25,000 aviation enthusiasts  attend this gathering annually in which showcases over 100 aviation-related vendors (flight schools, parts suppliers, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, etc.), an aviation career fair, aircraft shows & so much more.

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April 30 – May 7



College Credits

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Age Requirement: 16
Prerequisites: FAA Ground School Endorsement (PPL and/or Drone)

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